Booking a Flight & Hotel Reservation

Booking a flight

Please refer to your offer for your own relocation package.

As soon as you book your flight, please inform your HR Specialist your flight details for an airport pickup. The flight should be a one-way ticket with the most direct route. Necessary connections are allowed if all itineraries are in one booking. Please keep the flight receipts and boarding passes for reimbursement. The flight reimbursement will follow the terms specified in your offer letter.

After you confirm your flight, an airport pickup will be arranged. Please provide the following details to your HR Specialist:

  • Flight itinerary including name of airline, flight number and estimated arrival date and time
  • Number of people traveling and pieces of luggage
  • Other special requests

Hotel Reservation

Your HR Specialist will book a hotel room for your temporary accommodation. The first month is free. Any additional stay will depend on availability, and you have to pay by yourself.

    - AJ Hotel (Just beside the Winbond office)
    - Grand Crystal Hotel

    - Howard Prince Hotel Taichung
    - Hotel Reve