Labor Insurance

Employee will be enrolled in the Labor Insurance system from day one you join Winbond. This ensures the safety of employee at your work place or on the way to work. What’s more, you are also eligible for compensation if accident occurs on your way home. 




National Health Insurance

Taiwan takes pride in providing one of the best quality of medical service  among other countries with relatively low price. With Alien Resident Certificate here, you and your dependents are eligible and obligated to enroll in National Health Insurance (NHI) as the locals do. The premium contribution can be divided into employee self-contribution 60%, employer 30%, and 10% by the government. For self-contribution, it is calculated  as the amount of the employee’s base pay bracket multiplied by the number of dependent members. If you have a family more than 4 members, 4 members at most will be charged. To further secure your safety and health, Winbond also provides you and your dependents Group Insurance to supplement NHI coverage and it will be effective upon the day you report to Taiwan.