To empower individuals to standout in the field of their professions, we offer opportunities for talents of different origin to shine. Diversity in the workplace inspires different perspectives and nurtures innovations. We admire the ways people think differently and the paces people work differently. Each and every piece of difference among the work team brings sparkles to the outcome as the group has the same milestone to amount. We genially welcome you to be one of us, no matter where you from and where you be.

In order to make Winbond a welcoming workplace to embrace the differences, we made commitments as follows.

Here’s where we’re Today

We create 0 jobs around the world, with global presence at 0 locations across 0 countries, incorporating employees from over 0 nations, 0 % of center head and above are foreign employees in a trend of growing.

Opportunities around the World

We believe the inclusion of talents around the world will facilitate the team with perspectives that inspired more creativity and innovation, and in the long run bring out the best of each member. If you share the same belief, we welcome you to join us at any of the our global sites!