Recruiting in the Campus!

Winbond is going to visit the campuses and share the trend of the industry, openings and benefits offered by our company. On top of that, we will invite our executives to meet the students face-to-face, and career consultation is also available with human resources on the spot. Most exciting of all, students will have a chance to be the winner of special prizes if they fill in their résumés and participate in the on-site activities!

Schedule for Campus Recruitment

*Please pay close attention to the updates as COVID-19 may affect the schedule and the ways of events to be held.

National Tsing Hua University

2021/05/08 Sat.

Stand D32

National Taiwan University

2021/05/15 Sat.

Royal Palm Blvd.

National Chiao Tung University

2021/05/22 Sat.

Stand 092

National Cheng Kung University

2021/05/23 Sun.

Stand 063

Upcoming Events

Make Yourself Seen

01 Resume and Application

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01  Resume and Application

‧ Present your professional brackground and relavent skills as detailed as possible
‧ Quantify your information in a precise and concise manner
‧ Describe your accomplishments to make yourself stand out
‧ Attach additional proven documents to backup your points

➠ Please make application to your interested openings. Electronic only.

02 Questionaire and Test

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02  Questionaire and Test

‧ As the candidate pass the resume prescreen, our recruiter will reach out to make interview invitation via e-mail and phone call.
‧ The candidate will need to conduct online questionnaire and tests depending on the job functions.

➠ Our recruiter will make phone call to inform how to condutc the questionaire and test.

03 Interview

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03  Interview

‧ The invited candidate will go through at least one or two interviews with the future supervisors.
‧The recruiter will confirm schedule for your interview via email and phone call.

➠ Our recruiter will make phone call to confirm information needed for the interview.

04 Onboarding

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04  Onboarding

‧ Depending on job vacancies, it takes in average 1 to 3 weeks to go through stages from resume prescreen to final offer.
‧ Notification of acceptance will be informd by phone and followed by electronic offer letter sent through the system.
‧ Be sure to submit all required documents before your onboarding day.

➠ Our recruiter will make phone call to confirm information needed for your onboarding procedure.