What you can do
A process R&D engineer is a pioneer of process development to explore and develop new processes, to re-engineer and apply the technology from mature processes. Process R&D engineers participate in every stage of product R&D, including the initial testing of IC design,  problem analysis of the product in the interim stage ,  specifications setting up prior to mass preproduction, and evaluation on the lead-in of advanced materials and equipment. Through continuous experimentation and breakthroughs, creative ideas are transformed into prototypes and continually optimized, laying a solid foundation for mass production in the later stage.
As a member of the process R&D team, you will be exposed to the latest technology and patent research in the industry and will work closely with IC design, product engineering, and production quality teams. You will obtain multidisciplinary knowledge and participate in the process of product manufacturing from scratch to completion. Through the contantly changing tasks,  you will need to be innovative and turn impossibility into reality, and thus witness the birth of new technologies and products.
Who we look for
The process R&D team welcomes experts with the following characteristics to join us: Those who are innovative, enthusiastic for learning, excellent in communication and coordination, with ability to analyze and solve problems, and able to leverage strengths of team members. If you major in  electrical and electronics engineering, optmechatronics, or physics, we welcome you to join the process R&D team, embracing innovative knowledge and jointly developing advanced technology for niche products.