How We Hire
Let us know more about your strengths and characteristics!
Interview will be carried out either face to face or online. There may be more than one interview depending on the position.
The result will be confirmed in 2~3 weeks after the interview and the applicant will receive an offer letter via e-mail.
A brief introduction will provide the information you need to make your first day easier!

How to find my best fit
  • You can use keywords to search for jobs in Winbond Career based on your strengths, skills and interests.
  • If you have a LinkedIn account, you can import your LinkedIn profile directly into Winbond's database, which saves time in filling out your profile.
What to include
  • Present your information in a precise and concise manner.
  • Be sure not to make typo or using a messy layout.
  • Focus on describing relevant skills and experiences that are relevant to the job, specifying keywords or terms such as programming languages or product generations in which you've involved, or frequently used systems in your daily operation.
  • Putting your accomplishment in numbers will be helpful for the hiring manager to evaluate the outcome and your compatibility to our opening.
  • Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, learning capacity, etc. are critical, but they may not be the key to help you stand out from the crowds. We would recommend you to narrate soft skills and personality in bullet points and leave more details to be elaborated in the interview.
  • Upload other supporting materials such as awards, licenses, patents, or reference letters.
  • All the information is filled in honestly.