How We Hire
Let us know more about your strengths and characteristics!
Interview will be carried out either face to face or online. There may be more than one interview depending on the position.
The result will be confirmed in 2~3 weeks after the interview and the applicant will receive an offer letter via e-mail.
A brief introduction will provide the information you need to make your first day easier!

Ready to be a Winbonder!
Things to be done
  • After receiving your confirmation to accept our Offer Letter. You will be receiving an notification via e-mail about reporting to Winbond.
  • Please click on the link attached in the e-mail and login the system to access further information and training materials so that you can get to know more about the company and reporting procedure followed.
  • Please be sure to update your basic information, upload required documents to the system, and complete your physical examination within the specified due date.
  • On the day you report to Winbond, please try to picture how you will travel to I the company in advance; if you prefer driving, please ask the recruiter if there is a parking lot available.
  • In the orientation, you are expected to hand in required documents that you failed to upload onto the system in time.