How We Hire
Let us know more about your strengths and characteristics!
Interview will be carried out either face to face or online. There may be more than one interview depending on the position.
The result will be confirmed in 2~3 weeks after the interview and the applicant will receive an offer letter via e-mail.
A brief introduction will provide the information you need to make your first day easier!

Overall Assessment
  • After the interview, the recruiter and hiring manager will thoroughly review and discuss each candidate's education background, working experiences, cultural fit, and skill match for the job opening. It usually takes 2~3 weeks to make a final decision. If you wish to know the status of your application, you can check on the Winbond Recruitment website, or contact your recruiter.
  • If you are the right fit, you will be contacted by the recruiter to discuss your expected compensation and reporting time. Usually it takes about 1 to 2 weeks until you accept the offer.
Notification of the Offer
  • If you are accepted, an Offer Letter will be sent to you by email and the recruiter will call you to confirm. You should confirm your acceptance to our offer before the due date via your mobile phone or computer.